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CUE Fellows work with local community leaders to tackle citywide issues of injustice. In each project, their work demonstrates that a new Chicago Way isn't just possible - it's already happening.

National Teachers Academy
What does racial equity demand in school actions?
Logan Square
How can traffic redesign promote equity?
Vote Equity 2019
How can we co-create a voter guide for justice?
Envisioning Equity
How can we build antiracism into our strategic plans?
Mega TIF Development
How can developments benefit or burden Chicagoans?
McCutcheon School Gym REIA
How can Uptown neighbors find equitable solutions?
People's Budget
What does your community need to be safe and thriving?
Just Action: Racial Equity Collaborative
Acknowledge history, shift power embrace accountability
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Equity isn't just about outcomes -- it's about building new ways of thinking and working to make those outcomes possible. While our citywide projects target structural reforms that require collaboration, there are many practices that individual organizations can use to promote equity in their work. The 2019 CUE Fellows spent nine months mapping out the reforms their organizations can lead to support a more equitable city. Dig into the playbook they developed and let the lessons they learned inspire your efforts.



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