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In 2016, Niketa Brar and Elisabeth Greer met on the Local School Council of National Teachers Academy (NTA) and began working together to advance their shared interest in promoting educational equity in their neighborhood. The next year, Chicago Public Schools announced interest in closing their successful elementary school and displacing NTA's majority Black, majority low-income students. The two women began working with friends and neighbors to strategize on how to address this inequitable policy proposal with a systemic response. 

That desire for systemic reform led to CUE's work to champion the use of a community-led policymaking process called the Racial Equity Impact Assessment (REIA). Since launching the REIA process to measure the burdens and benefits of closing National Teachers Academy and setting a national civil rights precedent in halting the closure, CUE has trained 200 people in the use of the tool, launched 4 more REIA processes, and has seen REIAs embedded in the blueprints of organizers and new government leaders across Chicago.

This work is anchored in CUE’s central purpose of connecting and amplifying the power of individuals to build a just, equitable, and inclusive city. Together, we are working to:

  1.  Build a network of ethical and effective racial justice advocates across Chicago’s civic infrastructure,

  2.  Demonstrate tools and models for equitable policies and practices, and

  3.  Develop citywide public accountability models for racial equity.




CUE is a community of racial justice advocates working together across neighborhoods, organizations, and policy issues. We're organizing, shaping narratives, leading advocacy, and reforming institutions to build the city we deserve. Our network connects across our Fellowship program, neighborhood & school reform efforts, and community events.




Niketa Brar

Executive Director

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Justin Valas
Director of Community Cultivation
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Sofia Sabates
Director of Finance and Administration
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Rachel Pate
Manager of Civic Partnerships
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Tamela Meehan
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Clifford Helm
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Ivan Arenas
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Jianan Shi
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Jessica Sullivan-Wilson
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Elisabeth Greer

Co-Founder, Board of Directors

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Fanny Diego Alvarez

Board of Directors

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Jaime Arteaga

Board of Directors

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Libia Bianibi
Board of Directors
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Adela Carlin
Board of Directors
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Terri Johnson

Board of Directors

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Ahmadou Drame
Board of Directors, Chair
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