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Join Us In Transforming Chicagoans’ Relationship to Power!

In 2023, CUE embarked on a transformative Strategic Planning process, engaging with our CUEmmunity through in-person strategy sessions, surveys, and intimate conversations.

Your participation helped shape CUE's 5 Year Strategic Plan, centered around four key pillars:

  • Expanding Our Capacity and Nurturing Our Wellbeing

  • Telling Our Story to Grow Our Impact 

  • Catalyzing and Aligning the CUE Network for Societal Transformation

  • Redesigning and Supporting Chicago’s Civic Institutions for Public Accountability 

These four pillars are all in service to our North Star “Transforming Chicagoans' Relationship to Power." 

As we catalyze around these strategic priorities, we're excited to welcome Adria Husband, one of our 2023 CUE Fellows and a racial equity consultant, to guide us in evaluating our methodologies. Together with our CUEmmunity, we aim to scrutinize our efforts to achieve our transformative goal.

Our Ask of You:

We value your thoughts, reflections, and feedback on CUE's role in transforming Chicagoans' relationship to power. Join us in intimate small group discussions to explore how our initiatives align with the following goals:

  1. Increasing residents' belief that it is worthwhile to engage with local government

  2. Equipping residents with greater insights into our local systems

  3. Leverage civic knowledge and participation to increase government responsiveness to the needs of BIPOC communities.

RSVP to Brainstorm, Test, and Guide CUE!

Choose your preferred mode of engagement with us:

  1. Collaborate with a group within the CUE network (groups capped at 15):

  1. Request a one-on-one conversation with our consultant, Adria.

Ahead of our time together, watch the State of the CUE-nion recording to gain deeper insights into our Strategic Directions and prepare for these discussions.

Our Offering To You!

**Participants will receive a $100 stipend for their time. In-person gatherings will include light refreshments and food.

Feel free to reach out to Adria with any questions you may have. Let's transform Chicago together!

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