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2 0 1 9  C U E  F E L L O W S

These 30 artists, researchers, organizers, policymakers, philanthropists, and changemakers answered the call to work as equity strategists both inside their organizations and throughout our entire city. Click on their photos to get to know their work. Dig into their projects in the 2019 Equity Playbook.

Dana O'Leary, Chicago City Clerk's Office Assessing Inequity in Fines and Fees: Collecting Numbers and Narratives to Make the Case for Reform

Maurice Robinson Organizer We Cry In Silence: Unpacking African-American Male Mental Health

Leone Jose Bicchieri, Working Family Solidarity Who Gets to Work? Who Has to Leave? Using an REIA to organize for workers' and residents' rights

Kendra Freeman, Metropolitan Planning Council Building without Bias: Leading a Cultural Shift to Foster Equitable Development

Loreen Targos, Metropolitan Tenants Organization Assessing Housing Quality: A Racial Equity Check-Up

Era Laudermilk, Cook County Public Defender's Office In Defense of Data: Using Data to Build Equity into Public Defense

Gavin Taves, Chicago Housing Authority Planning for a Changing Environment: Building Chicago's Public Housing to Address Climate Change

Genese Turner, Illinois Public Health Institute Equity as a Journey: Practicing What We Preach

Megan Brand, Pierce Elementary and SPEAK UP From Color-Blind to Color-Bold: An REIA at Pierce Elementary

Tiffanie Beatty, Chicago Humanities Festival Productively Specific: A Chicago Poet Distinguishes Between Diversity and Equity

Vanessa Uribe, Cook County Bureau of Economic Development Government Grantmaking for Racial Equity: Building a Framework for Racial Equity

Tanvi Shah, Chicago Jobs Council Working Towards Equity: An Assessment for Workforce Development Organizations

Jim Merrell, Active Transportation Alliance Whose Streets?: Ideas for Integrating Racial Equity into Transportation Decisions

Tamela Meehan, Cook County Juvenile Probation and Court Services Creating a Youth Bill of Rights: Shifting Power in the Cook County Juvenile Probation System

Kacie Smith, State Matters Inclusive Storytelling: Whose Voice Matters in State Matters

Glenance Green, Free Spirit Media Speaking Truth with Power: Got Data? Got Community? Let's Tell a Story

Paola Aguirre Serrano, Borderless Studio Design for Self-Determination: A Pathway for Redeveloping Closed Schools

Isaias Solis, Latin United Community Housing Association Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: An Analysis of Mortgage Lending Practices

Danielle McCain, John Marshall Law School - Fair Housing Center Untold Damages: The Mental and Emotional Toll of Housing Discrimination on Survivors

Leslie Ramyk, Conant Family Foundation Shifting Philanthropic Culture: Cultivating a Community of Practice to Expand Racial Equity in Family Foundations

Delrice Adams, Cook County Justice Advisory Council Equity Across the Board: Advancing Racial Equity within Cook County Government

Imron Bhatti, Advocates for Urban Agriculture Just Food?: Engaging the Field to Inform Equitable Agriculture Policy

Niya Kelly, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Building Accountability to Whom We Serve

Jen Brown, Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities, Northwestern University Institute for Public Health and Medicine Nothing About Us, Without Us: Community-Academic Collaboration to Grow Racial Equity in Research

Tracy Bishop, Cook County Forest Preserves Building Equity from Inside to Out: Unmasking Hidden Biases Preserved in Organizational Policies

Clifford Helm, Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Small Businesses, Expensive Lawyers, and Systemic Racism: Evaluating Programs for Structural Inequity

Rachel Pate, The Chicago Community Trust From Grantmakers to Changemakers

Jasemen Hatcher, Open Communities From Clients to Advocates: A Racial Equity Approach to Housing Counseling

Juanita Irizarry, Friends of the Parks Setting Equitable Tables: Evaluating Partnerships through a Racial Equity Lens

Lauren Burdette, Chicago Public Education Fund Shifting from Community Engagement to Community Consent: Lessons from the Ogden-Jenner Merger

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