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You Had to Be There! The Annual CUE Showcase 2022 Recap

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual showcase Wednesday, December 7! It was a pleasure to see the room bustling with over 100 of CUE's family, friends and comrades.

Five years ago CUE came together for a simple purpose: to stop the closing of a CPS school. We challenged the idea that the city gets to tell us what kind of power we have. —Niketa Brar

John “JP” Pointer, Mayor of the National Teacher's Academy, celebrated the anniversary of NTA Day and the efforts of our friends and neighbors to organize against injustices in our communities. This is the foundation of CUE, our network, our tools and our vision to identify and eradicate racial disparities.

“We need to stand up and fight for our kids.” —John “JP” Pointer, Mayor of the National Teacher's Academy

Glenance Green, 2019 CUE Fellow, emceed the affair and kicked us off with a mighty performance that called us to believe in ourselves, each other and the purposeful actions we take.

“Like Auntie Morrison said, we can do some rather extraordinary things if we really believe." —Glenance Green, 2019 CUE Fellow

Investment is a crucial factor in the work we do, and attendees stepped up to the challenge! We raffled off several gift baskets to those lucky winners who had purchased raffle tickets. We thank you for your generosity!

As we live under capitalism, CUE will continue to need your support in this work. —S. Mayumi “Umi” Grisby, 2022 CUE Fellow

Our 2022 CUE Fellows presented their projects and shared their experiences collaborating with like-minded folks dedicated to racial equity in our city. Jessica Marie Sullivan, 2022 CUE Fellow, worked with Senior Fellows, 9 different schools and several youth organizations across the city to recruit the young folks who would create the Young People's Budget.

I always felt adjacent to community in this work…The CUE fellowship helped me find my tribe. —Catherina Malone-Taylor, 2022 CUE Fellow

CUE is powered by extraordinary people from communities across the city. It's an honor to celebrate another year of our commitment to racial equity—together, in the same room.

“Just because democracy is messy does not mean it’s not worth practicing and improving upon." —Jianan Shi, 2022 CUE Fellow
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