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Meet the 2024 CUE Fellows!

24 diverse leaders from across Chicago representing various sectors

CUE is thrilled to announce the 2024 CUE Fellows, a cohort of 24 passionate leaders dedicated to reshaping the narrative of equity in Chicago.

This year's cohort embodies a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, united by a common goal: to shift power to communities and build an equitable Chicago for everyone.

The CUE Fellowship is a year-long immersive program designed to empower leaders, disruptors, and healers from across Chicago. Through a comprehensive curriculum rooted in racial equity principles, Fellows will embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and transformation.

"We are proud to partner with these 24 exceptional individuals and their organizations," said Rachel Pate, Director of Civic Programming at Chicago United for Equity. "Their commitment to advancing racial equity and justice will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on transformative change in our city."

Throughout the fellowship, participants will collaborate in a powerful learning community designed to enhance their skills through a curriculum that includes decolonizing research, racial equity impact assessments, principles of co-design, and more. By leveraging their collective wisdom and diverse perspectives, the Fellows will work collaboratively to reimagine Chicago's civic structures, policies, and practices utilizing a racial equity lens.

"We believe in the power of community voices and collective action to drive meaningful change," added Terri Johnson, Board Chair at Chicago United for Equity. "Together, we can work towards an equitable city where every individual has the opportunity to thrive."

Join us in welcoming the 2024 CUE Fellowship cohort to the vibrant CUEmmunity!

Meet the 2024 CUE Fellows:

  • Andrew Herrera, Warehouse Workers Action

  • Athena Williams, Oak Park Regional Housing Center

  • Bahati Marie Aimee, Woods Fund Chicago

  • Cecily Relucio, Umuwi Ethnic Studies

  • Courtney Hanson, People for Community Recovery

  • Danielle Beavers, Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH)

  • Emily Cole, Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)

  • Emily Laflamme, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT)

  • Jacqueline S. Brissett, Coalition for African American Leaders

  • James Rudyk Jr., Consultant

  • Jenna Pollack, Chicago Dance History Project

  • Ji Yang, 6018lNorth

  • Joyce C. Wasner, St. Sabina

  • Julia Hage, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT)

  • Jung Yoon, Chicago Mayor's Office, Policy Team 

  • Karla Altmayer, Healing to Action

  • Lyric Griffin, Chicago Mayor’s Office, Office of Equity and Racial Justice

  • Matthew Shomo, The Chicago Community Trust

  • Phylicia Manley, JPMorgan Chase

  • Raina Bhagat, South Asian American Coalition to Renew Democracy (SACRED)

  • Shawn Kendrick, Builders Initiative

  • Stephanie Salgado, Chicago Department of Public Housing (CDPH)

  • Teena Lorie Harris, Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

  • Whitney Wade, Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW)

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