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Adria Husband

Shifting Hearts and Minds LLC

Adria Husband has nearly 20 years experience in educational leadership,

operations management, and organizational development. Adria has served as an advocate for racial and social justice throughout her professional career, from orchestrating systemic social-emotional development in students grades K-12 across twenty large urban school districts to creating and implementing policy and practices around the equitable distribution of educational resources to historically underserved communities in Chicago.

Adria excels in facilitating organizational culture shifts, problem identification, and creative process design. Adria’s most recent work has included a participatory grantmaking strategy redesign project centering the voices and experiences of leaders of color, and coaching/consulting around culturally-responsive practices in program delivery and workplace practices.

Adria is passionate about bringing healing and restoration into equity and

justice work. Adria is a coach, facilitator, mediator, gift cultivator, and lifelong

learner of the human experience. Adria is the founder of D.I.V.A.s Middle

School Mentoring Program which focuses on creating space to explore and

develop the identity, voice, self-confidence, and unique gifts of young women

of color in Chicago. Adria is mother to a daughter in college and a boisterous

Lhasa Apso puppy. She is a writer and poet in her downtime.

Adria Husband
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