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The art of making policy is in finding solutions to community problems. Yet so many of our solutions come with new harmful effects. Too often, that harm is repeated on communities of color.

To interrupt this cycle, over 125 government bodies across 30 states have adopted a Racial Equity Assessment. This tool weighs the benefits and burdens of a new idea to protect against new harm.


We believe that Chicago must adopt this tool to promote racial equity in the decisions Chicago leaders make every single day.

 racial equity 


CUE believes that those who are most impacted by policy decisions should be in the room, at the table, and active participants in determining their future. 

We work with community members and government partners across Chicago to facilitate Racial Equity Impact Assessments, as a tool and process that brings people together and helps us find better answers to our most challenging policy problems.

We are able to do this thanks to our Fellows, who come from government, research, media, organizing, advocacy, and direct service organizations. Our Fellows learn how to use a Racial Equity Impact Assessment, then facilitate these assessments in their own organizations and to address challenges facing communities across Chicago.

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 local case studies 

Logan Square redevelopment


Full Report

national teachers academy

Executive Director's Introduction

Committee Members

Committee Report

Community Report

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